Reshali Balasubramaniam
April 26, 2019
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A Guide for Busy Investors to Keep a Track of Markets

When we make investments, we all have something specific in mind- to get reasonable return if not anything else. But how is that possible if one gets busy with their daily lives and is unable to keep track of the markets? Indeed, it is crucial to be aware of the ongoing trends, practices and changes in values like interest rate, to enjoy fruitful investments. Let’s look into this brief guide for busy investors-

Keep an eye on market trends

Being aware of developments in the market will help you make more informed decisions as an investor. Keep track of financial news and internet stories, where you will find all the news regarding fluctuations in currency value, interest, taxes, etc. Make it a point to go through such news on a weekly basis but give yourself some time before you make any investment decisions based on a day’s news. If you observe that certain trends are becoming common and of some permanence, only then should you make the investment decision or change in investment.

Participate in company year-end calls

The end of a financial year brings about a lot of change, positive or negative, for every company. This is also a time when reports of the company’s financial performance, market value, profit, etc are discussed and the near future of the company becomes clearer. Top ranking global companies generally have provisions for investors to join the year-end calls online, so try and capitalize on that.

Stay up to date with labor/ commodity cost and rate of interest

In particular, industry-specific commodity prices should be kept track of. This will help you gauge potential profit or less for the company and then you can invest accordingly. Keep an eye on rates of interest as they are directly related to fall and rise in stock prices. Do this on a daily basis so that you can plan for future investments and stay one step ahead.

Consider half yearly conversations with professionals

People who oversee finances and investments in firms often have valuable insider knowledge about the prospects of the firm and beneficial investments one can make. What you need to do is reach out to them at the time of year when they have more relaxed schedules and will be able to talk to you, such as in the middle of the financial year.

Study financial reports and statements

As an investor, it is important for you to keep an eye on a company’s progress and performance by viewing its financial statements on quarterly basis. All major companies of repute have their financial statements available online and some of them even send the same to investors. Read these reports carefully and try to gauge the management’s opinion of the company’s future.

Finally, it is your call to make the decision on where to invest, how and when. You can always exercise your own discretion and intuition in the same but following the above given steps will ensure that your investment is always on firm ground.



Even if you are very busy to keep a continuous eye on the markets, it is possible to be a great investor and get good returns for your investment. Make sure to have a quick look at financial reports of companies, take part in year-end calls of organizations and be aware of market trends.

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