Reshali Balasubramaniam
October 5, 2018
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Guide to effective product pitching for investors

Your ideas are something that could either take the world by storm or plunge your idea into eternal oblivion. To develop the ideas into successful projects, proper business funding is inevitable in the long run. As an entrepreneur, you need to craft a pitch that can turn heads and gets funded. To make a scrumptious pitch recipe that no one can resist, you need to have following ingredients-

Ten minutes are enough

Time is precious and timing is critical. The less time you take, the better. Nobody has time to listen to 30 PowerPoint slides. A brilliant idea has to be concise and impressive. If you say you will take only 10 minutes, take one minute less. If you are told that you have x minutes, take 5 minutes less than allotted. Let the things flow at good pace, don’t rush to the end. Make sure you do not get stuck on one slide more than 3 minutes.

Stories are powerful

Storytelling has always been the most effective ways  to captivate listener’s attention. It keeps them holding with the idea. It also has the power of making your pitch unforgettable. Spreadsheets, numbers and valuations may sound boring to investors. If they want it, they can get it any time. Covey your idea into a form of story and gain their attention, funds will follow for sure!

Be focused

An Investor time is a valuable asset so pay respect to their time. Explain clearly what your product or service is? Do not keep on describing how great your product/service is. Because investors are more interested in how much money your product can make than in the product itself.

Uniqueness in the idea

In order to reach at the zenith of success, you need to present anything different from the run-of-the-mill widget. Design something great, effective and unique.

Target audience matters

Pinpoint your customers by using demographic and psycho graphic features. Explain details about customers backed by relevant data points. If you do not know your target audience well, you can not offer what they are actually looking.

Explain your market strategies

It’s great that you know ins and outs of your customers but business success comes down to marketing. Explain your marketing idea, technique, process or trick to acquire these customers. Products don’t sell themselves, you sell them. The investors should know how you are going to market the product. Make sure your also focus on digital marketing.

Talk about your revenue model

Investors invest where they can sense a return on the investment. You need to have a clear understanding which kind of revenue model you are going to embrace and how you intend to apply.

Presentation is the key

You should be presentable enough to make a mark so dress to kill. Practice your pitch again and again. Be ready for the questions and thoroughly prepare yourself with the persuasive answers.

If you have an irresistible pitch, your investors will beg to invest in your company. It may sound too good to be true but a great idea can light up even a dull mind.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

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