Reshali Balasubramaniam
March 11, 2019
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Your Guide To Hiring An Exceptional Management Team For Your Start-Up

In this modern-day intense market of cut-throat competition, signing up talented individuals to fill up important positions has become more difficult than ever. Workers have more job options – which mean that recognized companies and start-ups are frequently insistently chasing the same candidates. For early stage start-ups to be effective, directors need to advance a considerate recruiting procedure from the get go. Here’s a complete guide on hiring an exceptional management team for a brand-new start-up –

Power of Investors

If a start-up already has investors and financiers involved, ask for assistance in defining what form of recruitment would be most valuable at every stage of the company’s progress. The early recruitment might include a skilled sales executive and an advertising executive to crusade company sales onward and start to shape a compact customer base. Later on, the company will possibly feel the need to take into account financial managers, operations directors, and the like.

Not only are investors and financiers able enough to guide start-ups on regulating a policy for hiring a core management team, they may even provide the company with all the necessary tools. Experienced investors know exactly what the market demands from a new start-up. Their assistance in finding out the people who can deliver the required levels of performance can be crucial.

Total Honesty

The hiring company will need to be viciously truthful about the skills it is looking for. They need to be sure that the personnel who already are serving in the core management team are complimented with new recruits in a way that all of their weaknesses get covered. In case a company is functioning on a strict budget, it can be alluring to try to recruit as many low-cost hires as possible, but there is a strong chance of this approach turning out to be an untrue economy. A start-up has to be brutally honest in assessing the skills of the people that already work for them and in assessing the type of profiles they want to hire.

Building a Team

Building a team for a new start-up is all about hiring people who can bring something unique to the table. A new start-up must have at least one key hire in these crucial positions –

  • Someone who has loads of experience in the particular industry the company belongs to
  • A team of trusted market advisors who can give informed advice on market trends and other related aspects. This can be an extremely high-priced hire, but the price of appointing a knowledgeable, solid worker is expected to be counterbalanced by the value the employee can bring to the commercial aspirations of the company.

Identify Leaders

The finest executives hire leaders. Leadership might appear to be an intangible skill set, but leaders identify leaders and such recruits usually have the ability to inspire allegiance in others and getting the best out of the workforce.

Hire carefully and smartly. Invest heavily in people who are worth it instead of making too many low-cost hires. This will ensure that your management team excels propelling faster growth for the company.


Given the great competition in the marketplace, it is important for start-up companies to ensure that the management team hired fares exceptionally. So, you must move forward with total honesty during recruitment, take due assistance from your investors, and identify possible candidates who can be good leaders, steering the business ahead.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

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