Reshali Balasubramaniam
July 30, 2018
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Use Behavioral Psychology Right




Behavioral psychology is a systematic method of knowing the behavior of human beings and other animals. It believes that behaviors are reflexes made by a response to a stimuli in the surroundings, or a consequence of a person’s record.


Behavioral psychology will greatly influence how you deal with others. When you understamd how people feel, you can conform your communication style and message so that it would be received in the best way.


Here are ways by which you can use your behavioral psychology in the right way:


Develop a Baseline

Folks have different quirks and modes of behavior. For instance, they could clear their throat, look ground while chatting, cross their hands, pout, jiggle their legs frequently or squint. In the beginning, we may not even notice when others do these exact things. If we know when they do all these, then we don’t give it much concentration. People showcase these behaviors for various

purposes. They could simply be an habit. Occasionally, these same conduct could be indicative of anger, nervousness or deception. Developing a mental baseline of peoples usual behavior can help you.


Search For Deviations

Focus on inconsistencies between the baseline that you’ve created and the individual’s gestures and words. For instance: You’ve noticed that a major distributor of yours has the behavior of clearing his throat frequently when anxious. You might opt to investigate further, requesting a few more questions than you’d have normally.



So you’ve observed that someone is behaving a little distinct than usual. Move further with your observation to see if so and when the individual iterates the same habit with other folks in the area. Continue to take notice of the person as she or he converse with other folks in the area. Does the individual’s emotion change? How about his/her posture and body gestures?


Look In The Mirror

Mirror neurons are a set of built-in monitors inside our brain that reflect other’s mindset. We are overstimulated to read one another’s body gestures. A grin actuates the grin muscles in our faces, while a scowl actuates our scowl muscles. Whenever we see a person we like, our facial muscle relax and blood flows to our lips making them full. If your lover does not reciprocate that habit, this person could be giving you a clear signal: He/she does not like you or are not pleased with something that you have done.


Identify The Strong Voice

The most influential individual is not necessarily the one sitting at the top of the desk. Self-assured folks have strong voices. In a conference room desk, the most assured individual is more likely to be the most influential one: expansive pose, strong speech, and a big grin. (Do not mistake a loud voice with a strong one). If you are pitching an idea to an organization, it is easy to focus and concentrate on the head of the team. But that head may have a vulnerable personality. Actually, he/she depends closely on others in decision making, and is easily controlled by them. Identify the strong voice, as your chances for success will increase drastically.

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