Reshali Balasubramaniam
June 17, 2019
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Tips To Follow For Using New Technology in Your Business

With rapidly advancing technology in almost all aspects of daily life, a lot of small businesses are constantly struggling to change and adapt to the way successful businesses have to operate in this super-competitive market. Recently, a lot of small business owners have succeeded in using simple yet proven tactics. Here are some tips that experts have recommended –

Building a Chatbot for Business Websites – A Small yet Very Important Step

Using chatbots is already a tried and tested function for a lot of high-end businesses. In this modern age where customer attention is sparse and businesses need to do their utmost to make sure that they can retain the attention of their customers, chatbots have been an effective tool for practicing prompt and efficient customer service. For businesses that have not yet employed chatbots in their websites, it is first very important to recognize how to accurately use this technology –

A chatbot or simply a bot is essentially a virtual assistant. Chatbots can be programmed to function as responsive personal assistants for customers logging into a website. This software automates the function of communicating with users over the internet.

Building a chatbot also helps in handling certain user enquiries in an automated manner. An effective implementation of the chatbot can –

  • Increase brand kinship and customer loyalty
  • Strengthen brand voice and individuality
  • Maintain a certain distinctiveness from competitors
  • Improved engagement and communication times with potential customers
  • Better conversion rates
  • Useful data can be extracted to better appreciate users

Expand the Security Measures

In addition to being customer responsive, being secure from all kinds of on and offline threats is crucial for a small business. With customer data and financial progress for a small business, there comes an added responsibility of security that small businesses must extend to their customers and to themselves. There are a number of efficient security methods a small business must consider in order to keep both its material and virtual properties secured –

  • Having an Efficient System Before Ending Daily Operations – From double checking which programs are left open to making sure the security alarm system is up to date – technology has really allowed small businesses to flourish during the day and keep their properties protected when it’s time to close shop.
  • Educating Workers About Potential Scams – Naivety is perhaps the worst enemy of security. A lot of online and offline scammers tend to exploit the naivety of uninformed workers to gain access to important company information. Educating workers on how to secure the information that they possess about the company is very important to avoid any form of disruption in the future.
  • Having an Emergency Plan – If things go wrong, make sure there’s files backed up and clear and professional assistance on how to reduce any damage caused!

Using technology and upgrading it every few years is on the whole a very good thing for overall productivity and industrial growth. But, it can also become impossible for business owners to constantly renovate their facilities. Using these tips will definitely help.


It is important for small businesses to incorporate new and trending technology to keep at par with the competitive marketplace. Instead of constant renovation which may be quite a money drainer, businesses need to improve the efficiency of the security measures as well as implement customer-friendly technologies such as chatbots.