Reshali Balasubramaniam
July 2, 2018
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Time Management Strategies That Work

The better you maintain concentration and manage your time and effort, the more you’ll achieve, and the simpler it”ll be for you to get done in all your dealings.


Here are time managements strategies that works perfectly:


Start Each Day With Specific Focus

The first activity of a day ought to be to decide what you want to accomplish that day and what you must achieve. Be clear on this goal before you check your email and begin responding to questions and fix issues. Setting a definite focus for your entire day might require less than five minutes, but can help you save a long time of wasted commitment.


Have A Strong Task List

Capture the all activities and tasks you should do on a list and keep it updated regularly throughout the day. Revisit this list more often to add new items as soon as they appear. Ensure that your list provides you an instant summary of everything that’s immediate and important, and be sure you include proper and relationship-building activities as well as functional tasks.


Concentrate On High-Value Activities

Before you begin something new, try to identify the activity that would have the most positive influence on assembling your project, your team as well as your customer, if you were to cope with it right now. Avoid the enticement to clear smaller, unimportant items first. Focus on what is most significant.


Reduce Interruptions

The more uninterrupted time you get throughout the day to focus on important responsibilities, the more efficient you will be. Know the activities that have a tendency disrupt your projects, and find a remedy. For instance, avoid checking emails and picking up a phone call when you are in between something important. Once you’ve broken your move, it could be difficult to reestablish it. Rather, discipline yourself ultimately to concentrate on an activity until it’s completed.


Stop Procrastinating

When you have difficulties staying concentrated or have a tendency to procrastinate, you might reap the benefits of creating an external dedication for deadline yourself. For example, schedule a gathering in two days time where you will be presenting your projects and the time by which your actions should be completed. It is also quite effective to complete the most upsetting tasks earlier in the day to allow yourself small rewards once they have been completed.


Limit Multi-Tasking

Most of us multi-task and think that we are effective whenever we do it; but evidence shows that we can not effectively give attention to several thing at the same time. To be able to stop multi-tasking, once you end up multi-tasking, stop and remain quiet for one minute.


Review Your Entire Day

Spend 5-10 minutes critiquing your activity list every day before leaving the office. Pat yourself on the back if you achieved what you desired. If you feel that your day’s activities fell short, make a decision on what to do diversely tomorrow to be able to accomplish what you ought to. Leave the office in high spirits motivated to get the thread the very next day.

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