Reshali Balasubramaniam
February 6, 2019
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Things you must know before entering entrepreneurship

Planning to venture out into business? Well, it is crucial for you to take every step carefully. Here are some important things to know before you start out.

Get the cash ready

It is an existential requirement to begin business with adequate cash buffer and establish a dedicated cash flow in order to see you through tough times.  Businesses take time to show results.  You must have robust buffer and flow sources in order to launch and sustain a new venture.

Prioritize your focus

A new business will demand your attention in every direction.  Instead of getting confused, stay focused on what the driving points are.  Get at those driving points.  Set your sights on marketing, cash flow and delivery.

Partner and share out

Save unnecessary expenses by partnering out so that you are not compelled to shell out precious liquidity. Also consider renting out premises at the beginning of your enterprise rather than buying out a place at the very outset.  Remember that things like hiring employees and buying property entail fixed expenditures every month, something you might not be in a position to commit to regularly while starting out.

Reach out to other entrepreneurs

There are so many others like you who are also beginning a journey and facing hurdles on the way. Keep in constant touch with them and establish mutual exchange of ideas and solutions. Sharing ideas with people, who have been in similar situations like you, will at times bring up unexpected solutions. Networking with others will become a huge support for you when you are new to business.

Test the markets and then begin.  You are going to invest your gut out into your new venture.  Is it not wise to make sure there is a potential market for your product before you take the plunge? Ensure that your product stands out among the competition if there is already an established market out there for that genre.

Think different

Even the best planned ventures sometimes face unexpected roadblocks.  The ability to think on one’s feet and making changes in strategy as you go along is a very useful trait when it comes to dealing with lows in business. There are only that many Plan Bs that one thinks of.  If need be, it would be wise to completely overhaul your initial strategy and plan all over again keeping ground realities in mind.

Learn from failure

Failure is an inevitable part of any new venture.  The biggest names over ages have had humble beginnings and daunting failures on the way.  Accept that failure will be a part of your journey.  Accepting that not every plan will be successful is part of your growth. Every time you face failure, learn from it.

Do not give up

Remember that running a business is not easy and that gains will not happen overnight.  Let setbacks not scare you away. Keep devising survival strategies that will become your stepping stones.

Keep these pointers in mind as you plan out your venture. Success will be yours for the taking.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

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