Reshali Balasubramaniam
March 4, 2019
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The Most Lucrative Opportunities for Small Businesses In 2019

Running a business of one’s own is a matter of pride and a great source of happiness as well as self-reliance. However, with the global economy sliding further down the scale, combined with changing business and consumer trends, it is not so easy for small enterprises to stay afloat. But don’t you worry; here are some thriving opportunities to base your small business upon-

Food trucks

With more and more people living a fast, on-the-go lifestyle, food trucks have gained popularity since they are mobile, can be based in various locations, and generally offer quicker service than dine-in restaurants. Make use of the rapidly growing takeaway food culture and invest in the establishment of a food truck, preferably armed with a catchy logo and quirky design. Your truck can serve niche cuisine, or a wide variety of different foods. As business grows, you will be able to station more and more trucks in the city!

Meal packs

Neo urban youth and working individuals scarcely have the time or patience to prepare meals from scratch after a long day. However, rather than ordering fast food, many would prefer healthier alternatives they could customize with minimal kitchen time and effort. Thus, packed meal prep kits that can be prepared quickly are a good option to offer such clientele.

Custom gift/goodie boxes

Many people these days do not have time to personally shop for gifts, particularly in stores. Start an e-retail business specializing in creating custom gift sets of goods ranging from snacks and chocolates, to luxury perfume and cosmetics, or unique value sets of practical items.

Delivery of services

This one is quite successful, as it has been tried and tested well over time. However, don’t be afraid that you are entering a saturated market; there is always requirement for services that can be delivered to the doorstep. Your enterprise can perform services such as ironing, washing clothes, electric and plumbing repairs, salon services, cooking, cleaning, and much more.

Renting of utilitarian goods

Often people who cannot afford to furnish their homes fully or are only temporary residents, have a requirement for furniture and accessories they can rent. Based on consumer needs, your enterprise can rent out beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables and other furniture, along with appliances such as microwave ovens, etc. Slowly you can branch out to rent additional home décor such as curtains, carpets and decorative pieces as well.

Home repair and interior design

Running a home repair business alone or an interior design venture by itself, are both good opportunities for success. However, clubbed together, it is not only more convenient for you; it is also a complete package for the consumer. Interior design is trending these days, and home owners who get their houses renovated might very well be interested in redesign, if you offer it.

These top opportunities for small businesses in 2019 are only a few among many interesting options. Should you have the passion and drive to create and sustain your own enterprise, anything is possible for you!


Wish to run your own business? Well, that is a great decision and a step ahead towards self –reliance. There are a number of new avenues for those looking forward to business opportunities, such as, utilitarian goods renting, meal packs, interior design, food packs, and a lot more lucrative opportunities. 


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