Reshali Balasubramaniam
June 13, 2019
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Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Remain Updated With New Technologies

Being an entrepreneur entails starting, running and managing a business, mostly all on your own. No matter how many people are behind you- it is your venture through and through. Thus, an entrepreneur who wants to be successful and retain the results of that success has to keep an eye out for all kinds of developments, particularly when it concerns technology. With so many processes in business relying heavily on new tech, it is only logical that entrepreneurs should remain updated with such technology-

Technology can help you compete with big companies

One USP of start-ups is that they are very adaptable and flexible in their approach. That, combined with the comparatively smaller scale of business and lesser hierarchy makes use of new technology a matter of some ease for start-ups. While it may be easier for larger companies to get their hands on new technology, as a start-up, it is much quicker for your company to actually try and use this tech. Doing so will give you a competitive advantage over many other organizations in your industry.

Your business may become redundant without tech

Regardless of how good your products or services, staff, or even ideas and concepts are; ultimately all of these will fail without continued innovation– much of which is possible only by using technology. Keeping abreast with new technology ensures that you are able to use it in your upcoming concepts and products. Advanced technology can also help you keep track of your company’s position in the market and your progress in business.

New technology is often a cost-cutter

Advanced technology is able to help companies save a significant amount of money as it is vastly calculative and predictive of future requirements, costs, sales etc based on the present trend of the company’s activities. Data analysis, inventory tracking and cloud storage are newer forms of technology used to understand the strengths and limitations of a business, helping it get better results. As an entrepreneur, if you don’t keep track of such technology and update your organization’s members as well, you will not have the knowledge you need to make smart decisions for your business.

You may miss lucrative opportunities if you are not updated with tech

Your company is not the only start-up out there trying to be on top and make a name for itself. There are many small businesses that will benefit from new technological practices and if you don’t do the same, these companies will overtake you. Several start-ups have closed down after they have lost out majorly to competitors who used available benefits like new technology to make their mark and establish themselves.

While it is not advisable to adopt any and every trend being currently practiced in the industry, keeping oneself up to date with advanced technology is definitely an activity you don’t want to miss out on. Every entrepreneur who wants to create an impact in their industry must make use of new technology or at least have awareness of its use.


As businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology, it is imperative for new business owners to adapt to new technologies. This will not only help entrepreneurs to be at par with big businesses, but will also aid cost-cutting. Without adopting new technologies, small businesses may lose out to other start-ups using such technologies.

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