Conduct 100 Surveys of Tuk Drivers in Sri Lanka

Conduct 100 Surveys of Tuk Drivers in Sri Lanka

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We are conducting a study of Sri Lanka’s three-wheeler sector and we require market research conducted on the operation and financing of three-wheelers in Colombo, Sri Lanka. To do this, we have developed a basic questionnaire on Google Forms, which we need completed by 100 different three-wheeler drivers around Colombo. The survey conductor will have to visit 100 different three-wheeler drivers in Colombo and complete the form with the responses from the drivers to the questions. Overall, there should be 100 different sets of responses from 100 different three-wheeler drivers.

The project budget is Rs. 400 per completed survey for a maximum of 100 surveys.

IMPORTANT: Please note that payment will be made for a MAXIMUM of 100 surveys, no more.

The link to the form is below:

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