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My name is SD Illangakoon, and I am 33 years old. Since 2009, I have been actively engaged in the media and film industry, collaborating with various professionals and gaining extensive experience in multiple roles.


In addition to my postgraduate education, I possess inherent artistic creativity that allows me to produce distinctive work. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with prominent Sri Lankan media organizations such as MTV MBC Derana TV and ITN. My experience spans roles including TV program producer, director, sound engineer, lighting artist, video mixer, video editor, cameraman, technician, and photographer.


In 2012, I had the opportunity to work as an Audio Assistant for ESPN SPORTS’ international cricket T20 production team. This experience has equipped me with the capacity to adapt to different management environments.


After gaining several years of experience and further education in TV channels, I became a freelancer in 2015. This transition allowed me to broaden my expertise in commercial video production and film production while also developing skills in business management, marketing, and sales.


In 2020, I was given the chance to contribute professionally to the education sector by utilizing my media knowledge to engage school students in various media activities. These endeavors involved conducting media workshops, training school children within schools, and organizing entertainment shows.


Motivated by this experience, I currently serve as the director and producer of the educational program Sankalana on the Learn TV media channel. In this capacity, I aim to equip future generations with the knowledge and skills required for professional media management.


Ultimately, leveraging my nearly 14 years of professional expertise and connections has led me to contribute significantly to the export business in 2022. In this capacity, I work successfully as their Digital and Marketing Director.


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